Friday, January 30, 2009

No Noodles for Me

I love rice noodle dishes. I had a favorite Thai restaurant in the city where I went to graduate school. My usual order was "Super Noodles" with chicken; wide rice noodles stir fried with Chinese broccoli and chicken in black bean sauce. I don't remember much of my studies but did those noodles ever make an impression!!!

I've tried cooking Pad Thai once or twice since with OK results, but yesterday I thought I'd try another rice noodle stir fry. I consulted with my hero Mark Bittman, channeling him through his book, How to Cook Everything. I read several internet recipes and blog posts for advice. I can do this, right?


I know this isn't a real wok. It's a NONSTICK wok. Why did this happen? Should Erin ever attempt this again? Will she? These are not questions that can easily be answered.

It's OK. We are inventive and self-sufficient in our household. We always have fallback plans.

Wild game alert: we will be having some venison posts coming up. Some good friends shot a deer just for us! Dan is going to butcher it tomorrow, and we are going to have some exciting vension recipes posted soon!!

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